A significant aspect in the efficiency of a clinic is the comfort and design system. Practitioners should consider some factors in choosing furnishings, such as the kind of chair they and their patients sit in, their desks, work stations, and other pieces of furniture. Doctors of chiropractic are great at using their knowledge on body mechanics enabling them to bring their body to a very good working position.

A clinic may look appealing, comfortable, however, for chiropractors, there is more to comfort and beauty – ergonomics has always been their top priority. From simply putting patients and employees alike in a position where the body is protected from pain and exhaustion. After all, the aim of the whole ergonomic clinic set-up is to offer a healthy and energized feel!


Top Ergonomic Furnishings


A computer with adjustable split keyboard.

The computer location should be anywhere in the range of 20 to 40 inches from ones face. Rather than looking up, the eyes should gaze at downward angle. Moving forward, the adjustable split keyboard is an expensive piece of gadget but definitely is worth every penny. Characterized by its V-shape that corresponds to the body’s natural posture, additionally, it can be adjusted to cater to all body types. This ergonomic keyboard prevents muscle strain and wrist pain.

A comfortable and supportive office chair.

An ergonomic chair is an investment in itself, to promote the best posture possible. Designed to fit every person’s body and working style and allow frequent change of positions. Moreover, a chair not only supports but also encourages a healthy sitting posture by providing functions like height and angle adjuster. The height should be set at a level that allows one’s feet to firmly rest flat on the floor. The knees as well as torso should rest at the same level, keeping the spine and body in a suitable alignment.

Everything else.

Lastly, global offices should be set up in a manner where everything is within reach. This allows the employees short movements of the arm and hand and don’t need to constantly bend or reach. Office equipment, files, and other objects can be placed away from one’s desk to give a reason to get up and give the body a break from being sedentary. The ultimate goal is to have objects in an accessible location. Making these simple ergonomic arrangement can totally change the clinic’s environment into an efficient and comfortable one!