Kitchens are no doubt the integral part of one’s home. Beyond its typical function as a cooking space this also operates as an entertainment area for friends and guests and a perfect spot for family sessions and casual chit-chats. Regardless of one’s taste and preference, making the kitchen presentable, cozy or sleek as possible is a great challenge. Need more ideas on how to upgrade your kitchen? Check out what’s the latest trend in the world of kitchen design.

New Kitchen Furnishing Styles in 2017

The Industrial Design

Looking for a modest, practical and affordable kitchen design? Then this style is perfect for you. Although this is not a top pick among consumers but it remains to be in demand in 2017. This kitchen trend combines materials, color, structure and form and function to create a contemporary finish that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

High Quality Kitchen Storage

If space is one of your main concerns, then maximizing your storage in the kitchen is the best solution. Keeping all kitchen wares and food items in stylish deep multi-tiered drawers will definitely leave your room enough space for other furniture. Clutter-free worktops are also getting popular. It does not only keep everything organized but it also makes the area clean and neat.

Automated Kitchen

With the presence of smart home technology gadgets in the market such as sensor-activated lights, switches, faucets, and more everyone is dying to have them in their homes. Thus, making their working time more efficient and convenient.

Expand that Metal

Recently, incorporating metal finishes in the kitchen are popular trends among millennials and non-millennials. However, it has to be done accordingly. For instance, polished-nickel faucet looks spectacular next to the oil-rubbed-bronzed cabinetry or oil-rubbed-bronzed knobs and hinges with white cabinet hardware. If you are planning to heavy up your kitchen metals, it is best to mix and match a particular metal that suits your wooden hardware. Dark colored metals in the kitchen is also gaining popularity. Black faucets, pendants, and cabinet handles make the atmosphere sleek and innovative.

Monochrome Shades

Painted kitchen has evolved over time. White kitchens have always been a top pick for so many years along with the black kitchen finishes but in this year’s kitchen styles, grey is expected to take over. The demand for grey surfaces is growing ranging from worktops, cabinetry, doors, kitchen accessories, to appliances. Gray undertones are also anticipated to rise such as greige (grey & beige) and blue-gray cabinetry to name a few.