Does your organization really need a custom intranet? The terms Intranet as a “Software as a Service” are getting more prevalent now. Instead of spending your capital upfront for infrastructure, you have a better solution. This ‘as a service’ model allows paying a periodic subscription fee.

More and more businesses are now opting for ‘as a service’ model , like IKEA. Running a business like IKEA gets difficult when “services and products” are scattered all over. IKEA designs unique products that incur low manufacturing costs while meeting strict requirements for function, efficient distribution, quality, and impact on the environment. This world’s largest home furnishing retailer has 298 stores in 37 countries, and each IKEA store is huge and holds more than 9,500 products!

So what’s IKEA’s best-kept secret behind its smooth back-end operations and efficient supply chain processes? And how does IKEA manages its day to day operations with custom intranet?

To start off, IKEA has a clear vision which is to provide a well-designed, functional home furnishing at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. This is why IKEA is distinctive by committing to a catalog of products that will be stocked for a year at a guaranteed price. Behind its smooth backend operations and efficient supply chain processes is an inventory management system. An intranet software solution that connects workers with its various functions, can supply chain operations and inventory management which works well together.

IKEA knows that the most important part of their planning is developing a clear understanding of why they’re implementing a custom intranet solution in the first place. Custom intranet software applications promise a leverage of knowledge that has always provided firms with a competitive advantage. Modern fast intranet build will often include not just content and document management systems, but also business processes, project-based and sales data.

The key thing to remember about implementing a custom intranet solution is that you need to have a clear plan in place to make sure the whole process comes in on time and on budget. Take a cue from IKEA and see what you can shake up in your own inventory management practices. IKEA is proof that the future is in taking risks and thinking creatively about inventory management. While it can be good to stick with tradition, sometimes all you need is to try a little something new.