In these charming times of ISIS inspired terrorism threats, it has become a rather more serious question than possibly ever before. Discounting, of course, the Crusades and the Mongol hordes, when securing the perimeter of your property was equally a life and death issue. I do not mean to belittle with levity the very real dangers that some few of us may face, but I think history tells us that it is not the first time, only the first time in a while. Building bloody big walls has been a tried and true method down through the ages.

How To Secure The Outer Perimeter Of Your Property

However, not all of us want to live in a tower, so there must be other effective, but less aesthetically damning solutions to the matter of security in urban Australia in the twenty first century. Fences are both deterrent and barrier to intruders, if they are constructed properly for that purpose. Living beneath the razor wire has not been considered chic since the days of East Berlin, however. For those who can afford it, sheer Perspex or fibreglass walls are a great way to keep the view and put up a perimeter fence to keep the baddies out. Combining any type of fence with electronic surveillance and sensor security lighting will achieve the best of the old and the new.

A Sydney based service, for those living in Australia’s most populous city, can provide security measures like those already outlined for businesses and home owners. Cameras connected to monitoring devices, which the feed is then centralised to security agencies when tripped, can be effective in capturing intruders and recording their activities. Guard dogs are a time honoured institution for those who love the sound of barking at night.

In the era of PR, high visibility signage warning intruders can be play a part (hey if it works for our police forces it can work for us). These things work on the premise that an intruder may decide to choose another target, one not so well guarded, and you are saved from calamity. Good locks on all the gates, doors and windows are important, of course. Not letting the keys get into the wrong hands through domestic staff, childrens’ friends etc is vital in this instance to maintain security. Regular patrols of your street can be helpful through a reputable security agency.