If you want to see real bling, then, enter the homes of the billion-dollar boxers. These dudes and their cosmetically enhanced wives and girlfriends put the sparkle into home décor like no one since those French kings. Floyd Mayweather (what kind of name is Floyd, for a boxer, now, really?) lives in a palatial domestic abode, which could be compared to Versailles (pronounced Ver-sigh). And you do sigh when you cast your eye over the amount of gold thread and glamour bouncing off the reflective surfaces in that Las Vegas mansion.

Mayweather Vs. Macgregor: How Top Tier Athletes Lifestyles Stack Up

It is a 22 000-square foot, five bedroom and seven bathroom (what do you need more baths than beds for?) super mansion. If you like high ceilings, these ceiling are castle-high. Chandelier honey? The shimmer and shake off these babies are blinding like Floyd’s teeth. Bedrooms are decorated like a whorehouse on the swank side of town. Pool and landscaping are truly desert style divine. Like the difference between boxing and the pretend world of UFC, Conor McGregor lives in Dublin on an exclusive private estate.

It is a step up for this ex-plumber and his girlfriend, Dee Devlin, but the relatively understated mansion reflects the differences between American and Irish tastes. All this moola is fairly new for the boorish leprechaun; and his gravy train is a caboose compared to Mayweather’s Union Pacific cargo train. The fact that McGregor was out of gas long before the referee stopped the fight (a travesty more like it!) in the 10th round by TKO, is all part of fiction meeting fact and dissolving. UFC is a made for TV, lightweight short stuff and boxing is the real deal, when it comes to endurance and fighting. It would take half a lifetime for McGregor to get that training into his legs alone.

Back home it is bling and pizazz from the smallest room in the house to the biggest, for these highly paid entertainers. Which is why these celebrities have to wear dark sunglasses all the time, even in the crapper, because it is so god damned bright. You could place bets on the outcome of their next visit to each other’ home to see who has the biggest and best blah blah blah… The alpha male is forever restless and insecure in his role at the top, lording it over mistresses and girlfriends, wives and personal assistants, managers and PR flunkies. Stay tuned for the sequel…