And the nominations for current darling trends in the furniture industry are…

Natural tones, earthy colours and contemporary artisan pieces. There will, also, be am emphasis on high quality materials from ethical sources, according to a reputable designer in Sydney that I spoke to. Furniture designers will be taking their inspiration from historical explorers and naturalists. Expect to see things like flora and butterfly motifs, and wicker will be making a comeback too. Don’t be shocked if you sense a global nomad presence in the furniture that you begin to see on display in showrooms across the city in the better shops.

Our Current Darling Trends In The Furniture Industry

Social conscience is rearing its head in interior design trends in 2017, according to several leading media sources. They predict the continued emergence of a strong relationship between what we see in the uncertain world around us and creating nurturing sanctuaries within our homes. Nelly Reffet, of Twinkle and Whistle, confirms this powerful darling trend in both décor and furniture decisions being made around the country. More time spent at home, as more people work and live in their homes will only embolden this trend.

Wooden furniture has place in all this, as it always does, being the skeletal heart and soul of all good furniture. More freedom is predicted in the choices that home owners make in the things they buy for their domestic abodes. Less label hunting and more a desire to create a particular look. They are calling this the ‘style agenda revolt’ – breaking free from any set of rules or guidelines, previously adhered to. A free global nomad hunting for their own unique style to feather their nest against the uncertainties of a Trump led US and North Korea world.

The desert wanderer will enjoy some darling trend time in 2017 and beyond. Ancient cultures having their say in the living rooms and bedrooms in cities around Australia. Moroccan mosaics and Aztec designs, raw, bold and beautiful. ‘Perfect Imperfect’ is another interior design concept finding a place in the hearts of our homes. Natural and unique, a reaction against the modern technological feel that has gripped the west for so many years now. Wooden furniture has soul, as does native design and natural tones. Reconnecting with nature will feature as a strong motivator in the look and feel of design and décor globally.